Some Scipts that I’ve made to help my workflow I’d like to share :
And some Tips and Tricks


RNM is an open source network tool to help you manage your renderfarm nodes.
It’s designed to work with AFANASY, the Open Source Renderfarm Manager from CGRU, and for Distributed Rendering with VRay For Maya (launch Vray slaves on clients), but you can change to assiociate any application you want.
This script works only with Python 3 on windows machines.

With RNM you can :
– Wake on lan or shutdown your clients (using WakeOnLan)
– Remote your client’s desktop (using Anydesk)
– Run and kill Vray Slave on your nodes (using PsTools)
– Open Afanasy Renferfarm Manager applications and launch jobs
– add as many nodes as you need. The limit is your desktop.
– copy/paste files and folders on all clients

Feel free to use or change it as you need !

How to install and use


A MEL script to speed your workflow creating Vray materials in Maya.

With VRMtlNodesCreator.mel you can :
– quikly set up and create or update Vray materials
– connect 2D or 3D projection maps (triplanar option)
– faster access to Vray BRDF, Material and Texture nodes
– create connected remap nodes and 3D projection nodes
– create custom fresnel with ramp, single or RGB curves
– fix diffuse and opacity map filters
– create color by shell/ID nodes